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James Comey considers Trump “morally unfit” for the presidency

UNITED STATES (OBSERVATORY) – Former director of the Federal Bureau of Investigation James Comey has strongly criticized US President Donald Trump in an interview with ABC on Sunday, saying he was “morally incompetent” to the presidency, he lies constantly and “all around him.”

Comey’s comments are the latest in a dispute between him and Trump, who poured out his anger at the former FBI director the day before, calling him a “dirty block” and calling for his imprisonment.

The interview with ABC News came ahead of the publication of Comey’s memoir entitled “Big Loyalty: The Truth, Lies and Leadership,” in which he separated his relationship with the Republican president.

“I think he is morally unfit to be president,” Comey said of the president in his first television interview since he was sacked in May last year.

The former federal prosecutor referred to the way “Trump talks and deals with women as if they are meat cutters” while “lying repeatedly about big and small things and insists that the American people believe him.”

“Values ​​are necessary,” Comey said, adding that “this president does not represent the values ​​of this country.”

He also noted that working within the Trump administration is a real moral dilemma. “The challenge that this president poses is that he will pollute everyone around him,” he said.

“The question is (…) how much pollution will ultimately make you unable to meet your goal of protecting and servicing the country?” he told ABC television, which published the full text of the interview.

– Serious files in Russia? –

“I hope this will not happen because I believe that isolating and removing Donald Trump from power will remove the responsibility of the American people and make what I think they have to do directly, indirectly,” he said.

In his book, Kumi likened the US president to a dishonest gang leader and said he had asked the former FBI director personally for a testimony that made Trump angry as legal pressure mounted on other fronts.

“I never asked for personal loyalty from Komi, I hardly know him, that’s also one of his many lies,” Trump said in one of a series of tweets published on Sunday before the interview.

The president said Kumi had been “stupid” with the Trump investigation in the 2016 presidential election Hillary Clinton on how to use her own e-mail server when she was secretary of state.

In another tirade, Trump gave a brief account of the former FBI director’s memoirs.

“Why did he lied to Congress? Why did the National Democratic Committee refuse to provide the FBI with an Internet server? Why did not they take it?” he said.

Trump appeared to refer to a series of unfounded accusations against Komei, alleging he lied in testimony before the Senate in May by denying he leaked information to the media as an undisclosed source.

White House spokeswoman Sarah Sanders told ABC television on Sunday: “Look, it’s very clear James Comey is an informer himself.

In the interview, Komi said he was not sure whether the Russians had serious files that could be used to blackmail Trump, both in terms of his personal conduct before his election and the actions of his campaign team.

“I think that’s possible, I do not know, these are words I never thought I would say about the president of the United States, but that’s in order,” he said.

– Possible obstruction of justice –

Komi said the president could have hampered the judiciary when asked to drop the investigation on former national security adviser Michael Flynn.

“It is possible, I mean, that certainly constitutes evidence of obstruction of justice,” he said, adding that “it will depend on other things that focus on his intentions.”

Trump and his aides faced Kome’s media campaign by attacking his administration’s way of investigating the Clinton-linked e-mail.

In his interview with ABC, Comey acknowledged that his conviction that Clinton would win the election was a “factor” in his decision to reopen the investigation of her e-mail 11 days before the election, a development that Clinton insists caused her sudden defeat.

“I would have elected a president, if I had concealed (the investigation matters) the American people, so I would have renounced legitimacy as soon as it was announced after her election,” he said.

“It’s inconceivable,” Trump responded angrily. “The polls that were pointing to the corrupt progress of Hillary Clinton were a factor in his (sputtering) investigation of the Clinton e-mail case.”

“In other words, he made decisions based on his belief that he would win, and he wanted a job, a mass of filth!”