Joe Biden leaves or double for the White House

UNITED STATES (OBSERVATORY NEWS) — Credited with a better performance in the last Democratic debate, Joe Biden kept his chances of winning the primary election in South Carolina on Wednesday, a challenge he set himself after a disappointing start to the campaign.

He practically plays his part all Saturday in this southern state which was one of the 13 founding colonies of the country at the end of the 18th century.

Bernie Sanders
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“I am going to win South Carolina,” hammered Tuesday night the former vice-president of Barack Obama, during a particularly bitter debate in the historic city of Charleston opposing the seven main candidates. “I will win the African American vote,” he insisted.

Betting on his popularity among the black electorate, Joe Biden was until recently the undisputed favorite of this poll. African Americans represent two-thirds of Democratic voters in South Carolina.

But that was before the rise of Bernie Sanders who, nationally, took the lead in the competition to win the nomination for the Democratic Party, thanks to his good results in the first states to have voted in the primaries: Iowa , New Hampshire and especially Nevada where the socialist senator has clearly outdistanced his rivals.

– Good debate but blunders –

Messrs. Biden and Sanders, 77 and 78 years old respectively, are now neck and neck in South Carolina. But this next field of confrontation will be very different from New Hampshire, a state adjoining Vermont from which “Bernie” came, or Nevada where the senator who promoted revolutionary universal health insurance has made a breakthrough among Hispanics.

Joe Biden will be able to count on the help of the influential black elected Jim Clyburn, who Wednesday morning publicly declared his support for him.

The septuagenarian with the rare white hair plastered on the skull appeared combative during this tenth democratic debate, scoring in particular by his vibrant calls targeting the black electorate and the evocation of his struggle to finance the port of Charleston.

But he struggles to dispel doubts about his mental form, scrambling his message with a slight stutter and accumulating blunders.

On the television set of the oratory contest organized by CBS, he thus affirmed that the firearms had made “150 million” deaths since 2007 in the United States, that is to say half of the population of the country. Mr. Biden also spoke of the “reconstruction camps” (rather than re-education) of the Uighurs of Xinjiang, before recovering and saying “concentration camps”.

The day before, he had committed other odd ones, confusing current Chinese President Xi Jinping with one of his deceased predecessors, Deng Xiaoping. In another speech, Joe Biden ran as a candidate “for the United States Senate”.

For his part, Mr. Sanders was put in difficulty on several occasions, notably on the financing of his health measures or on his defense of the Castro literacy program. It has become the main target of attacks by its competitors.

Aware that South Carolina is for him an appointment not to be missed if he wants to maintain its current dynamic, the senator from Vermont joined Mr. Biden on Wednesday at a breakfast organized under the aegis of the Rev. Al Sharpton, a respected figure in the black rights movement.

– Seven whites speak of blacks –

In ambush behind the Biden-Sanders duo, the other main Democratic candidates were also present: the thirty-something Pete Buttigieg, senators Amy Klobuchar and Elizabeth Warren, the businessman Tom Steyer. All white, they each boasted of their policy in favor of minorities.

Missing billionaire Michael Bloomberg, 78, whose hundreds of millions of dollars poured into his campaign more or less compensate for his poor performance in the only two debates in which he took part.

The ex-mayor of New York has chosen to ignore the first four states of the primaries to focus on the millions of voters on “Super Tuesday”, March 3, when 14 states will decide to choose the champion Democrat who will face Donald Trump in November.

The latter denigrated Wednesday in mocking tweets the participants in the debate. “Just give me an opponent,” he wrote, implying that no one was big enough to compete with him.


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