Joe Biden warned: Donald Trump will not hold back

US, WASHINGTON (NEWS OBSERVATORY) — Donald Trump is no secret: he intends to wage a very aggressive campaign against Joe Biden, questioning his intellectual capacities and accusing him of corruption.

Figure of the Senate, former vice-president of Barack Obama, “Sleepy Joe” as the Republican billionaire nicknamed him, is now a favorite in the race for the Democratic nomination.

He hammers on the campaign stands that he wants to restore calm and “decency” in American politics.

But the duel between the 73-year-old president and the 77-year-old former vice-president, if it takes place, could be incredibly aggressive.

Donald Trump’s reaction to Joe Biden’s great “Super Tuesday” party gave a taste of the fight to come.

If he congratulated “Joe” on his “incredible comeback”, the president also hinted, as he has done for weeks, that if he came to power, he would only be a puppet led behind the scenes by representatives of “the radical left”.

Donald Trump has said it in all tones: he would prefer to see Vermont senator Bernie Sanders come out victorious in the Democratic primaries.

A confrontation with the one who proudly claims the term “socialist” – a very marked term on the left in the United States – who went to the Soviet Union with his wife shortly after his marriage and praised the regime Cuban would be much easier, he believes.

“I was prepared to face Bernie, I was ready,” he said Thursday evening, stressing, amused, that he would have brandished the word “communist” at the slightest opportunity.

“And then this crazy story took place,” he added, referring to the return of Joe Biden. “I think it will be difficult for (Sanders) to return.”

– Hunter Biden, looping –

Proof that the Republican billionaire has always seen – rightly or wrongly – Joe Biden as a bigger threat, he tried to destabilize him in late 2019 by asking Ukraine to investigate his son, Hunter Biden. The latter was a director of the Burisma gas group when his father was vice-president.

But a whistleblower got involved and the case took a turn that the real estate tycoon had not anticipated.

Accused of having “sought the interference” of Ukraine in the campaign for his re-election in 2020, Donald Trump has collected from a dismissal procedure. Charged by the House of Representatives, dominated by the Democrats, he was acquitted by the Senate, with a Republican majority.

Still, the name of Hunter Biden will come back in a loop.

“It will be a central subject of the campaign. I will raise it constantly,” Donald Trump warned on Fox News on Wednesday evening. “I don’t see how they can answer these questions. It was pure corruption.”

The Biden clan knows this: they will have to find a convincing response to an issue on which the former senator has so far been evasive, even awkward.

In early December, he got angry with a voter who accused him of “sending” his son to Ukraine. “You’re a damn liar, man, that’s not true,” he said, in a scene that had been looped in the republican camp.

Supporting imitations and mocking expressions, Donald Trump knows how to be cruel and ferocious. And its electoral base wants more.

On Wednesday evening on Fox News, he pushed the innuendo about the alleged decline of the man who worked for eight years with Barack Obama.

“He always made blunders. He always got into awkward situations because of this,” he said.

“But never to this point. What is happening today is crazy.”


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