Johnny Depp threatened to kill Amber Heard

UNITED STATES (OBSERVATORY NEWS) — Johnny Depp is suing not only his ex-wife, but also with the popular publication, whose representatives are accused of defamation. At the next meeting, the artist’s correspondence with a friend was published, in which he spoke in detail about how he wanted to kill Amber Heard.

The career of 56-year-old Johnny Depp has been suffering for a long time, and ongoing trials do not allow him to restore his reputation. The other day, a regular meeting was held on the suit of the actor against the popular tabloid.

Depp accuses reporters of slandering him without any evidence. As it turned out, media representatives got access to Johnny’s personal correspondence, from which it followed that the star of “Pirates of the Caribbean” really beat his ex-wife Amber Heard and dreamed of her speedy death.

“I will kill her or burn her. Then I will have sex with her burned corpse to make sure that she is really dead, ”Depp informed his longtime friend Paul Bettany.

In a message to a friend, Johnny also complained about heavy alcohol addiction. As it turned out, the star had periods when he did not eat for three days, using only whiskey and vodka. Depp understood that he could no longer control his actions, so he agreed to treatment, but did not go to the clinic.

The prosecution insists that the actor repeatedly beat Amber Heard and threatened her with murder. The artist himself assures that he was only defending himself, because the ex-wife herself showed aggression. Depp’s lawyers even provided files that indicated that Amber also behaved inappropriately.

Recall that Hurd and Depp have been together for about five years. All this time, the couple scandalized and fought, but they were able to hide conflicts from others. Amber filed for divorce in May 2016, just three days after Johnny’s mother died. Almost immediately, she declared aggression and domestic violence.

Litigation adversely affects not only Depp’s career, but also on Amber’s professional image. So, fans have already created a petition, demanding the removal of the actress from the filming of the sequel “Aquamen”. According to the Daily Mail, Hurd is now trying not only to prove his case in court, but also to restore his reputation in order to continue working in Hollywood.


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