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Juncker: Europe needs to learn how to talk with Russia as an equal

UNITED STATES (OBSERVATORY) – Europe needs to restore contact with Russia, because the latter is a major player, – said, as reported by Politico, the chairman of the European Commission Jean-Claude Juncker. “We must learn to speak with the Russians on equal terms,” ​​he added.

Europe and Russia need to “restore contact” and leave behind the “rhetoric of the Cold War.” This, according to Politico, said the chairman of the European Commission Jean-Claude Juncker in an interview with the Dutch newspaper Trouw.

“My friend Vladimir Putin – we have been friends for many years, even though we can not say now that Putin is your friend – at one time President Obama’s words were very unpleasantly influenced when he said that Russia is just a regional power,” said Junker.

If Russia is not something, it is a regional power, he said.

“We must learn to talk with the Russians on equal terms,” the European Commission chairman said. “We need to restore contact.”

In his opinion, Russia is a “big player”, and without it there can be no agenda for security in Europe for Europe.

“I do not like the current rhetoric of the Cold War,” Juncker added.

As the newspaper notes, these words of the President of the European Commission sounded against the background of increased tensions between the EU and Russia due to the presence of the latter in Syria, the alleged involvement of Moscow in a nerve agent attack in Salisbury, as well as in connection with Russia’s accusations of interference in elections of other countries .

Juncker also warned that the strength of Europe on the world arena is falling, as other major powers are emerging.

” We Europeans sometimes think of ourselves as masters of the world ,” he said. – We forget that we are a small and weak part of the universe. We are losing economic power. The share of our gross domestic product in the world is slowly but surely reduced from 25% to 18-16% . ”

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