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Key dates in the Weinstein case

UNITED STATES (OBSERVATORY NEWS) — The Harvey Weinstein affair broke out in October 2017 with the publication by the New York Times and the New Yorker of testimonies of women claiming to have been harassed or sexually assaulted by the famous Hollywood producer, reports AFP news agency.

More than 80 actresses, women aspiring to be actresses, models or ex-employees of Mr. Weinstein follow suit, triggering the #MeToo movement.

Key dates in the Weinstein case
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The facts are often old, prescribed and difficult to substantiate: Mr. Weinstein will only be charged in New York on the basis of the charges of three women.

He was found guilty on Monday of sexual assault and rape on two of them. Here are the main dates of this case.

– 2017: Revelations –

On October 5, the New York Times published testimonies of women accusing Harvey Weinstein of sexual harassment for almost three decades, and revealed that he had made agreements with at least eight women, buying their silence.

Five days later, The New Yorker magazine quotes several women, including Italian actress Asia Argento, accusing the producer of rape or sexual assault.

“All charges of non-consensual sex are denied by Mr. Weinstein,” said the producer’s spokesperson.

Testimonies are multiplying against the producer and against other celebrities, film, television or fashion.

On October 14, Mr. Weinstein was expelled from the Academy of Cinema, which presented the Oscars, an extremely rare sanction.

– 2018: First charge –

The Manhattan prosecutor charges Mr. Weinstein on May 25 for a rape in New York in 2013 – on a woman whose identity has not been revealed – and a sexual assault in 2004 on Lucia Evans, who seeks to be an actress.

On July 2, the prosecution added three charges for a “forced sexual act” dating from July 2006, on a third woman identified as Mimi Haleyi, ex-production assistant.

Rebound in October: the lawyer Ben Brafman obtains the abandonment of the charge concerning Lucia Evans, discredited because she had confided to a friend to have agreed to make a fellatio to the producer in exchange for a role.

– 2019: New indictment

Weinstein separates from Ben Brafman, then changes lawyers again six months later to finally hand over his defense to new team led by Chicago lawyer Donna Rotunno, who specializes in the defense of men accused of assault sexual.

The prosecutor has the indictment amended to include the allegations of “The Sopranos” actress Annabella Sciorra, who claims to have been sexually assaulted by Mr. Weinstein in 1993 in Manhattan.

If the facts relating to her are prescribed, they allow prosecutors to substantiate the charge of “predatory” sexual behavior, which involves repeated assaults and is punishable by life.

On the civil front, on December 11, an agreement in principle was reached to settle the legal actions of more than thirty women, for the payment of some 25 million dollars by Mr. Weinstein’s insurers.

The agreement, which does not mention any recognition of Mr. Weinstein’s guilt and has been denounced by certain alleged victims, remains to be validated by a judge.

– 2020: Guilty (in part) –

On January 6, the first day of jury selection for the trial, the Los Angeles prosecutor announced a new indictment against the film producer, with two women accusing him of sexual assault in 2013. No date n was fixed for this trial.

The New York trial begins on January 22. Six women parade to accuse the producer, starting with Annabella Sciorra, who will deliver the most convincing testimony.

The woman who accuses Harvey Weinstein of rape is revealed for the first time: Jessica Mann will tell about her complicated relationship with the producer, a mixture of fear and empathy to believe it, which will be one of the most disturbing moments of the trial. Destabilized by the defense, she broke down on the second day of her cross-examination, raising doubts about the producer’s conviction.

On February 24, Weinstein was convicted of sexual assault and rape, but released from the most serious charges which put him at risk of life.

The #MeToo movement welcomes “a new era” for American justice, the defense announces that it will appeal.


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