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Kim Jong-un congratulated Assad on the 72nd anniversary of the independence of Syria

SYRIA (OBSERVATORY) –┬áThe leader of the DPRK Kim Jong-un congratulated Syrian President Bashar Assad on the 72nd anniversary of the country’s independence and expressed his solidarity with him, the Central Telegraph Agency of Korea (CPAC) said on Tuesday.

“I am glad that under your right guidance your friendly government and people are making tremendous progress in the struggle to preserve the country’s independence and security,” Kim Jong-un writes. He also wished Asad more achievements and health, expressing, in his words, “solidarity and firm support for the just cause of the government and the people of Syria.”

Every year on April 17 in Syria, the day of the withdrawal of the last French troops from the country is celebrated. The French mandate in Syria and Lebanon ceased in 1943, but French troops remained in Syria until April 17, 1946. In Syria, large-scale celebrations are held against the backdrop of the victories of the Syrian army and the impact of the Western coalition on Syrian cities on the night from Friday to Saturday.