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Kim Jong-Un unites Korea

NORTH KOREA (OBSERVATORY) – North Korea’s North Korean noodle noodle Ning Miyon suddenly increased after the North Korean leader brought his famous pasta to the historic summit to add his southern counterpart.

A restaurant specializing in cold noodles Ning Miyun, located on the outskirts of Seoul, has been overcrowded to customers that long queues of customers were formed in front of it at lunchtime on Friday, where the restaurant’s meals are known for their taste similar to the meal of Ning Miyun in the restaurant North Korean famous.

A customer said he enjoyed Ningmun’s usual meal, and wanted to eat it especially on this historic day, where the inter-Korean summit would be held and would be on the dinner menu of the leaders of the two Koreas.

Before the summit, North Korean leader Kim Jong-un said he had brought cold noodles with him and hoped South Korean President Mon Jijn would enjoy them.