Kremlin: “We do not practice tweet diplomacy”

UNITED STATES (OBSERVATORY) –¬†Moscow is not taking part in Donald Trump’s tweet diplomacy, Russian President Dmitry Peskov spokesman said, adding that Russia remains committed to a serious approach to the conduct of foreign affairs.

Russia does not approve of Donald Trump’s excessive reliance on Twitter for his foreign policy.

“We do not practice tweet diplomacy. We are for a serious approach [of the conduct of foreign affairs, ed]. We still believe that it is important not to take measures that can deteriorate an already precarious situation, “said Peskov in response to questions from journalists about the messages that Donald Trump publish on this social network.

Donald Trump on Wednesday urged Moscow to prepare for an American missile attack on Syria. He said on his Twitter account that these missiles would be “good, new and smart”. Trump also noted that relations between Moscow and Washington were worse today than at the time of the Cold War.

This firm rhetoric did not stop the US head of state from estimating, still on his Twitter account, that Russia needed Washington and offer to stop the arms race.

Previously, the American magazine Time had recalled that Donald Trump had used Twitter to express himself on the foreign policy of the United States. In the period between 2013 and 2014, he notably published 18 messages calling on the administration of Barack Obama not to interfere in the Syrian crisis.

In recent days, the situation in Syria has become seriously tense. Radicals of the group Jaych al-Islam have previously accused Syrian government forces of having used, on Saturday, April 7, chemical weapons against a hospital in Duma , in Eastern Ghouta. These allegations were echoed by the Western powers, with President Trump saying that Syria must “pay a high price for the chemical attack.”

Russia has denied information on a chlorine bomb allegedly dropped by Syrian soldiers on Duma. The Russian Foreign Ministry said that the false information on the use of chemical weapons by the Syrian army was intended to justify the actions of terrorists and possible foreign military strikes.

The Syrian Ministry of Foreign Affairs, for its part, said the accusations about the use of chemical weapons by government forces were boring and unconvincing.