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Laborites do their best to deal with Brexit

UNITED STATES (OBSERVATORY) –┬áHome in Britain, the Labor opposition party will be ready to postpone the demands of its voters to tighten control over immigration to secure a Brexit deal that will keep financial companies in London, Bloomberg reports.

Shadow Minister of Finance John McDonnell said that the Labor government will demonstrate “flexibility” in the issue of freedom of movement and will consider it a price for maintaining access to the EU’s single market.

In turn, the European Union states that no one can have access to a single market without free movement within the bloc, although the British government has indicated that the issue of control over immigration is fundamental in the negotiations.

The speech of the longtime anti-capitalist McDonnell was part of his efforts in trying to reassure the business community that the Labor Party, unlike Conservatives of British Prime Minister Therese May, is striving to provide a compromise deal on Brexit that will provide access to financial services. He told about this in an interview with Bloomberg.

“We are always walking on a tightrope,” he said, “We conducted the campaign” Staying (within the EU) “- we lost.” Many members of our parliament sitting in the constituencies voted for withdrawal (from the EU). “My voter voted The whole process is to try to get a reasonable, explicable discussion of the pros and cons of where we’ll be going from this moment.”