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Lavrov 100% sure there will be no Russia-US military confrontation

RUSSIA (OBSERVATORY) –┬áThe Russian and American leaders, Vladimir Putin and Donald Trump, as well as the military of both countries will in no way allow a military confrontation between them, according to the Russian Foreign Minister.

In an interview with Sputnik, Sergei Lavrov declared himself 100% sure that Vladimir Putin and Donald Trump will never allow a military confrontation between Russia and the United States.

“Returning to the question of the risks of a military confrontation, I start from the fact that 100% it will not be admitted by the military and it will also not be admitted by President Putin, nor President Trump, I I am sure of it. They are still Presidents elected by their people, and they hold the responsibility to their people for peace and tranquility,” Lavrov said.

In recent times and especially against the background of recent events in Syria, the debate has rebounded between experts on the risks of a military confrontation between Russia and the United States.

On the night of April 13 to 14, the United States, the United Kingdom and France attacked military infrastructure sites in Syria. Western countries claim that a chemical attack took place on April 7 in the city of Douma, near the Syrian capital. Russia has denied reports of a chlorine bomb allegedly dropped by Syrian government forces.

The Russian military has described the photos of victims of the so-called chemical attack in Douma published by the White Helmets on social networks as false.

Damascus has called the accusations against the Syrian army related to chemical weapons unconvincing. The Syrian side has repeatedly pointed out that its entire chemical arsenal was removed from the country in 2014 under the control of the Organization for the Prohibition of Chemical Weapons (OPCW).