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Lavrov: the chemical attack in Duma was a staged

RUSSIA (OBSERVATORY) –┬áRussian and Dutch Foreign Ministers Sergei Lavrov and Stef Blok held a joint press conference on Friday, 13 April, during which they answered journalists’ questions about recent developments in Syria, including Duma’s alleged chemical attack. from a few days ago.

Lavrov said on that occasion that there were documents proving that there had never been a chemical attack in Duma and that what we had seen on TV was merely a staging.

“The Organization for the Prohibition of Chemical Weapons has not been able to access any evidence that there has actually been a chemical attack in Duma,” the Russian minister said.

It is worth remembering that Washington and its allies accused Damascus of launching a chemical attack on the city of Duma, on the outskirts of Damascus, the Syrian capital, and that they took advantage of this supposed attack to consider turn an offensive in Syria.

It must still be said that the US and French Presidents still have doubts about their real intentions and that they both said yesterday that they have not yet made a final decision on this matter.