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Leader of terrorist group Jaysh al-Islam will be transferred out of Syria

SYRIA (OBSERVATORY) – The leader of the terrorist group Jaysh al-Islam has left the city of Douma and sources on the ground have announced that he will be relocated out of Syria.

Today, Thursday, the city of Douma, the largest stronghold of Jaïch al-Islam, a terrorist group supported by Riyadh, fell under the complete control of the Syrian army. And the London-based Syrian Observatory for Human Rights announced that Essam al-Buwaydhani, the leader of the group, had left the city of Douma. According to this observatory, the rest of the terrorists would also have left the city by laying down their arms.

The Lebanese channel Al-Mayadeen reported, quoting sources on the ground, that the leader of Jaïch al-Islam should be transferred out of Syria.

The Jaysh al-Islam terrorists also provided the Syrian army with all the maps of the tunnels they dug in Douma.

The head of the Russian Center for the Reconciliation of Conflicting Parties in Syria, General Yuriy Evtushenko, announced that the Syrian flag had been hoisted on the roof of the buildings of the city of Douma.

A few days ago, Syrian and Russian officials reached an agreement with the terrorist group Jaïch al-Islam that all civilians held hostage by terrorists should be released and that terrorists could then be transferred from Duma to Jerablus. in the province of Aleppo.

“Today, something important happened in the history of the Syrian Arab Republic: the Syrian flag is floating again on the city of Douma. This shows that the government has regained control of this city and eastern Ghouta,” said Yevtushenko.

The Chief of Staff of the Russian Armed Forces also announced in a statement that with the withdrawal of more than 165,000 people from Duma, the evacuation process for the terrorists and their families was almost complete.