Leadership of Air France met the requirements for higher wages

FRANCE (OBSERVATORY) –┬áThe leadership of the French airline Air France agreed to discuss with employees plans to revise wages upwards after a series of strikes, the carrier’s communique.

Employees of Air France, arranging strikes, demand an increase in wages by 6% in compensation for inflation. In days of strikes the airline performs approximately 75% of the regular flight program.

“Air France and its customers will survive the seventh day of the strike in six weeks tomorrow … These strikes lead to significant commercial and operational consequences, destroying the image and results of the company, creating a load on working teams that face dissatisfied and frustrated customers, and stir up internal friction “, The statement says.

Earlier on Tuesday it became known that the damage suffered by the company in seven days of strikes is estimated at about 170 million euros.

“In a spirit of dialogue and accountability, Air France management is proposing trade union organizations to begin negotiations on wage growth between 2019 and 2021. These negotiations will make it possible to conclude an” agreement on growth “(wages),” the document says.

To resolve the conflict, “the leadership will offer to take part of the measures to increase from 1 April salaries by 1%, which will lead to the fact that in 2018, salaries will be increased by 2%.”

Negotiations with trade unions should begin on Thursday, April 12.

Air France was founded on October 7, 1933. It is based at the Charles de Gaulle International Airport. In 2004, Air France merged with the airline KLM. The headquarters of the united firm is in Paris.