Lebanon refuses to use its airspace to attack Syria

LEBANON (OBSERVATORY) –┬áLebanese Defense Minister Yacoub Sarraf denounced Tuesday’s aggression against Syria as a “blatant violation of international law.”

“This aggression is based on military force, and the language of peace, reason, logic and negotiation is supposed to prevail in order to avoid further wars, crises and killings, and our right to blood,” he said.

He stressed that “Lebanon’s categorical rejection of violating its national sovereignty by using its airspace to attack Syria,” pointing out that this would “drag Lebanon to the brink of war instead of helping him to distance himself.”

Al-Sarraf pointed to his country’s commitment to international resolutions, especially resolution 1701, and said that “Lebanon is protected by its army and by its unified political decision, which is the bastion against any aggression.”

The Lebanese minister also warned that “the Israeli enemy is in violation of international resolutions, especially in light of what we are witnessing a clear and explicit continuation of the Israeli threats to sabotage its security and stability.”