Lebanon: The military strike on Syria does not contribute to finding a political solution to the crisis

LEBANON (OBSERVATORY) –┬áLebanese President Michel Aoun said on Saturday that the military strike launched by the United States, Britain and France against Syria “does not contribute to finding a political solution to the Syrian crisis, which entered its eighth year.”

Aoun said in a statement issued by the Information Office of the Lebanese Presidency that “what happened at dawn today in Syria impedes all ongoing attempts to end the suffering of the Syrian people and puts the region in a precarious situation with which the possibility of dialogue is difficult.”

The Lebanese president stressed that dialogue was “a necessary need to stop the deterioration and restore stability and reduce external interventions, which increased the crisis complex.”

“Lebanon, which refuses to target any Arab country for foreign attacks in isolation from the reasons given for its acquisition, sees in the latest developments a delinquency to further the involvement of the major powers in the Syrian crisis, with the consequences of that,” he said.

US President Donald Trump announced on Friday that his country, in cooperation with Britain and France, had launched strikes against Syrian military installations following reports of an alleged chemical attack on April 7 in the opposition-held Duma area near Damascus.

For its part, the Syrian army announced that one hundred and ten rockets fired by what he described as “triple aggression” towards the objectives of Syria in Damascus and beyond.

“Our air defense systems have successfully addressed the missiles of aggression and most of them were shot down, while some of them were able to hit one of the buildings of the research center in Barzeh (east of Damascus), which includes an educational center and scientific laboratories, and limited damage to material,” the Syrian army’s general command said in a statement.

“The rocket route targeting a military post near Homs (central Syria) was blown up and one of the explosions wounded three civilians,” the statement said.

The United States and some Western countries accuse the Syrian army of using chemical weapons in the attack on the eastern city of Duma and vowed to retaliate.

The Syrian government denies the accusations and considers them “fabrications” used by the West to justify its attacks on the country.