Macron called himself president of “all the French”

FRANCE (OBSERVATORY) –¬†French leader Emmanuel Macron denied that he was the “president of the rich”, stressing that he is the president of all the French.

“You know, the rich do not need a president, they will sort it out themselves, I am the president of all the French,” said Macron in an interview with TF 1 .

Macron’s interview took place in the school class in the Berdewi commune of the Orn department in Normandy.

Along with the theme of Syria, the reform of the SNCF railway company, against which the transport workers are speaking, a big passage in the interview of the head of the French Republic was devoted to the reorganization of the health care system, which was dissatisfied with the increase in the unified social tax from the beginning of 2018.

Speaking about the protests of students, which are also held in France, Makron stressed that in order to pass the exams, one must learn. “There will not be easy exams in France,” said Macron, referring to the part of the students who require everyone to pass a graduation test – 10 out of 20 points on exams.