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Macron denounces US supremacy

UNITED STATES (OBSERVATORY) –¬†French President Emmanuel Macron on Thursday implicitly attacked his American counterpart Donald Trump’s desire to “decide” on the conduct of the Europeans following the withdrawal of the United States from the Iran nuclear deal.

“If we accept that other great powers, including allies, including friends in the hardest hours of our history, put themselves in a position to decide for us our diplomacy, our security, sometimes by making us run the worst risks. then we are no longer sovereign, “said Emmanuel Macron at the European Charlemagne awards ceremony in Aachen, Germany.

“We have made the choice to build peace and stability in the Middle East (…) Other powers, just as sovereign as we, have decided not to respect their own word,” he said. he added, referring to the US withdrawal from the Global Joint Action Plan (PGAC).

These remarks, which, without being named, are aimed at the American president, with whom Emmanuel Macron has shown great understanding and personal closeness during his recent trip to Washington.

“Let us not be weak, do not suffer,” urged the French president, who argued for a “European sovereignty (…) that should lead us to make Europe a geopolitical, commercial, climatic, economic, food, diplomatic clean “.

“The condition of possibility (of this sovereignty) is that we refuse the fact that others can decide it for us,” he said.

German Chancellor Angela Merkel also said that Europe can no longer count on the protection of the United States and must take its destiny into its own hands.

The remarks of the French President and the German Chancellor come two days after US President Donald Tramp officially withdrew from the nuclear deal with Iran by rejecting the demands of European countries. European countries believe that the PGAC was vital to European security and the EU would do “all that is necessary” to maintain this agreement.