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Macron: France has not yet decided whether to hit Syria

FRANCE (OBSERVATORY) –¬†France has evidence that the Syrian government carried out a chemical weapons attack last week and will decide to retaliate by striking as soon as all necessary information has been collected, French President Emmanuel Macron¬†said on Thursday.

Asked if Syria had crossed the red line, Macron told TF1 television: “Our teams have been working on it all week and we will have to make decisions when the time is right, when we conclude that it is the most effective and effective decision.”

Macron said Paris had confirmed that Syrian President Bashar al-Assad’s government used chemical weapons, including chlorine, on April 7 in the town of Douma. He gave no details of the manual or how to obtain it.

France is expected to join the United States and Britain in launching air strikes or any other form of attack in response to the use of chemical weapons, but it is not clear when this can happen or even whether it is confirmed.

US President Donald Trump said on Twitter on Thursday morning that a possible military strike against Syria “may be very close and may not be.” “I never said when the attack on Syria would happen,” he said.

Macron said France wanted to eliminate the chemical weapons capabilities of the Syrian regime. Asked if these would be the targets of the French strikes, he said: “When we make the decision and we have all the information.”

The priority was to avoid escalation in the region.

“France will not allow any escalation that could destabilize the region as a whole, but we can not leave regimes that believe it can do anything it wants, including the worst acts that violate international law,” he said.