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Macron is strongly criticized in France following the strike in Syria

FRANCE (OBSERVATORY) –¬†French Republican President Laurent Wauquiez, who, along with Marine Le Pen, is a virulent couple in the opposition, strongly criticized President Emmanuel Macron for his participation in the attack on Syria.

In an interview granted to the Sunday newspaper of this April 15, 2018, Laurent Wauquiez sided with the personalities of the country who oppose the manner in which the president manages the country, criticizing the operation conducted jointly with the States United States and the United Kingdom against Syria.

“If the use of chemical weapons is proven, Bashar al-Assad will answer for his actions. […] But I do not believe in the usefulness of punitive strikes,” he says.

“To hit to strike, to give the feeling of doing something, without there being any strategy behind, I do not understand the usefulness or sense,” adds Laurent Wauquiez.

According to him, “the priority of the president internationally must be to fight against Islamists [takfiriste, Ed]. Our absolute priority is to prevent Daech from being able to control a country.

And to continue: “What strikes me is that Emmanuel Macron does not feel the country and does not understand France. He does not understand the middle class: he raises taxes by 4.5 billion euros this year, he does not have a word on their impoverishment. He does not know what it’s like to be a retiree in France with 1,200 euros. He had pledged that only the most affluent pensioners would pay the rise of the CSG: it is false. He lied. And he does not understand more the millions of French people forced to take their car to go to work, because everyone does not have the metro. The increase in the tax on petrol and the price of technical checks and the 80 km per hour generalized show it: it is disconnected from the daily life of our compatriots. The payroll candidate is becoming the president of the tax slip!”