Macron said that he believes in a sovereign Europe

FRANCE (OBSERVATORY) – French President Emmanuel Macron said that he believes in a sovereign Europe that bears its values ​​to the world.

“I believe in sovereign Europe, I believe in the sovereignty of our country in those issues that depend on it: on migration, security … But I believe in European sovereignty.” I believe that a European awakening should come from him, “said the French leader in an interview with three French media, broadcast live on BFMTV.

The French leader said that he “accepts Europe as it is” and that it is gaining “extremes, populism and people who question the rule of law.”

“Sovereign Europe is Europe that protects us from big risks, from big transformations: be it information risk or tax, it’s Europe that carries ambitions of our continent and allows us to carry our values,” the president added.

He added that he intends “to move forward with those who want to move forward, and those who do not follow us should agree to be on the margins of this Europe.”

“We can not abandon our principles or ambitions for those who put themselves on the edge of history.” Now the fate of Europe is being decided, and it is my responsibility, on behalf of France, to bear this aspiration, “Macron stressed.