Macron said that he divided Russia and Turkey

FRANCE (OBSERVATORY) – The strikes United States, France and Britain on Syria divided Russia and Turkey, French President Emmanuel Macron said.

Turkey earlier expressed satisfaction with these blows. Russia sharply condemned them.

“As a result of these blows, Russia and Turkey were divided, Turkey condemned the chemical attack and supported the operation that we conducted,” Macron said on BFM TV.

He also said that he planned to meet with the leaders of Russia, Turkey and Iran in Turkey, but reports of a chemical attack in the Syrian East Ghouta made him postpone these plans.

“Before the chemical weapons were used and there was no complication of the conflict in East Ghouta, which roughly violates the resolution that we and Russia backed a few weeks ago, I intended to go to Turkey and meet with President Putin, President Erdogan and President Rouhani,” said Macron.

The president added that he intends to return to this idea. “From the very beginning, France has its own role in the international community, which is to speak with everyone,” the French leader added.

“That is, France continues to fulfill its role in the international community: to negotiate with all parties – and I will continue this work.” My goal is to try to convince Russia and Turkey to get together at the negotiating table. “I always said that in order to achieve a sustainable decisions on Syria, it is necessary to talk with Iran, Russia and Turkey,” said Macron.

The United States, Britain and France hit rocket attacks on Syrian government facilities on Saturday morning, which they believe are used to produce chemical weapons. From 00.42  to 02.10 UTC they released over 100 missiles in Syria, most of which were shot down by Syrian air defense.

The Russian forces were not involved, but they monitored all the launches. Russian President Vladimir Putin described the attacks as an act of aggression against a sovereign state, despite the fact that neither Russian military experts nor local residents confirmed the fact of the chemical attack, which became the pretext for strikes.