Macron said that the French side convinced Trump to limit the targets of strikes against Syria

FRANCE (OBSERVATORY) –¬†French President Emmanuel Macron said that it was the French side that convinced US President Donald Trump to inflict a limited blow to the facilities in Syria.

He said this on BFM TV.

“We convinced Trump to limit the targets of strikes only to chemical objects,” he said.

According to him, initially in the media and on the page of Trump on Twitter there was more aggressive rhetoric.

He also noted that Paris had persuaded Washington to stay in Syria.

“Ten days ago, President Trump said that the US intends to free itself of its obligations in Syria, we convinced him to remain there,” the president added.

Earlier, Macron called the “perfectly conducted operation” missile strikes by the Allies in Syria.

On the night of April 14, the armed forces of the United States, Britain and France dealt a blow to Syria. The Ministry of Defense of Russia reported that the United States and its allies have fired more than 100 missiles.