Malaysia will check Twitter accounts that are automatically managed if complaints are received

MALAYSIA (OBSERVATORY) –┬áMalaysian telecom and multimedia minister Saleh Saeed Karawak said telecom regulators would check the activity of automatically managed accounts on Twitter before the general election if any complaints were received.

Reuters reported on Friday that automated accounts flooded the microblogging site with tens of thousands of pro-government and anti-opposition messages weeks before the May 9 Malaysian election.

The Information Technology Bureau of the ruling United Malays National Organization (UMNO) said it had no connection to the messages and did not know who was behind them.

The Minister of Communications on Twitter that it is possible to use those accounts of automated by anyone without identification and his ministry will respond to any complaint.

“The Malaysian Communications and Multimedia Committee will work closely with service providers such as Twitter and Facebook when they receive complaints,” Saleh said.

The minister did not mention the Reuters report.

Twitter allows automatic accounts to be opened in accordance with restrictions. In February, Twitter said it would not allow people to post identical messages from different accounts.