Man stabbed in London mosque – suspect arrested

UNITED STATES (OBSERVATORY NEWS) — A man was arrested after a white weapon attack in the central mosque in London on Thursday, injuring one person, according to the police, who considered that the matter was not related to an act of “terrorist nature”.

“A 29-year-old man was arrested in the mosque and we believe he was taking part in the prayer, and it is suspected that he tried to kill,” she said.

She added that “the incident is not considered at this stage to be of a terrorist nature.”

A Seventy man was wounded in the attack, which occurred near “Regent Park” in central London. The police added that he was taken to hospital for treatment, explaining that his life is not in danger.

In a statement posted on its website, the mosque announced that the victim was the muezzin, adding that he was assaulted during the afternoon prayer, around 15:00 local time and Greenwich Mean Time.

“The worshipers arrested the attacker before the police arrived and stopped him,” the statement said.

“I feel very sorry,” Prime Minister Boris Johnson tweeted, adding, “It is very terrible for this to happen, especially in a place of worship. I think about the victim and all the people affected.”

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On social media, photos and videos of a young man wearing a red hooded jacket were spread, his feet bare, while the police threw him to the ground.

A witness mentioned that the suspect was attending the mosque, explaining that he had been seen at least six times in the scene.

“We were shocked, we did not understand what was going on, we saw the man on the ground and there was blood on his shoulder and the knife was on the ground,” the British Press Association quoted this witness, who was called Abu Wathiq (59), as saying.

It was reported that the victim had a shoulder hit just before the start of the prayer. He said that the suspect “was behind him, then stabbed him,” noting that the assailant “remained silent throughout” his assault.

The mosque’s director, Ahmed Al-Debian, announced that the muezzin, “loved by all”, was attacked “during the prayer, by stabbing him on the side of his neck.” On the suspect, he said, “We do not know anything about his identity or his motives,” and he hoped that what had happened was “an isolated incident.”

“I regret what happened, given the symbolism of the mosque, not only for Muslims, but for all British society,” he added.

This mosque was built in the seventies and can host 5 thousand people.

For its part, the British Islamic Council said, “Whatever the motive of the aggressor, we must remain calm and cautious,” expressing his desire to find a balance between “keeping mosques open and (ensuring) the safety of worshipers.”

London Mayor Sadiq Khan expressed “grave concern” about the incident, noting the increased police patrols in the neighborhood.


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