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MASSACRE IN GAZA vs 1 DEATH IN PARIS: hypocrisy of social networks

UNITED STATES (OBSERVATORY) –┬áIf a single death in the Paris bombing Saturday prompted Facebook to introduce a safemark to ensure that users safe and sound inform the network, the growing record of Palestinian casualties in the Gaza Strip does not seem to push Facebook to any action, as Gazans told Sputnik’s correspondent. Why?

A dead and wounded stabbed by the assailant of Paris two days ago, this is the record that pushed Facebook in France to offer users to press the button “safemark” to report that they were safe. The Palestinians still do not have a security button, although the number of casualties in the Gaza Strip already exceeds fifty in a single day.

“No,” was Sputnik’s only answer by asking Palestinians who are near the area where violence is taking place, whether or not they received a proposal from the social network to inform their contacts that they are “safe”.

This response is all the more worrying on Monday, May 14, when thousands of people gathered at the Israel-Gaza border to protest the transfer of the US Embassy from Tel Aviv to Jerusalem.

The question also surfaces on Facebook even where users assume that such inaction of the network is “either a signal that Facebook’s safemark is not working in Palestine or they [Palestinians] are being slaughtered”. This is accompanied by a quote “The fish, even in the fishing net, always feels the sea” to recall that a massacre remains a massacre regardless of how it is treated.

Does this mean that about 50 dead and more than 2,000 wounded along the Gaza border are less serious than an attack or natural disaster and that Palestine is … safe?

The United States inaugurated their embassy in Jerusalem on May 14, the 70th anniversary of the proclamation of the State of Israel. In violent clashes erupted in Monday morning and continued in the afternoon along the border with Gaza.

According to the latest report provided to Sputnik by Gazan medical representative Ashraf al-Kidra, 52 Palestinians have been killed and more than 2,400 wounded by Israeli soldiers.