May will discuss with the Cabinet the possibility of using force against Syria

UNITED KINGDOM (OBSERVATORY) –¬†British Prime Minister Teresa May will hold a cabinet meeting on Thursday to discuss possible military intervention in Syria,said a representative of the prime minister’s office.

“I can confirm that tomorrow there will be a Cabinet meeting on which this issue will be discussed,” she said in response to a question whether, and if so, when to discuss the issue of military intervention in Syria.

Earlier, US President Donald Trump promised Wednesday to take a decision on the actions against Syria in response to the alleged use of chemical weapons in the ATS, which the Syrian authorities deny. On Tuesday, the office of the British prime minister said that British Prime Minister Teresa May, Trump and French President Emmanuel Macron agreed that in order to maintain the ban on the use of chemical weapons, the international community should react to the alleged attack in Syria.

Earlier, Labor Party leader Jeremy Corbyn called on the government to give parliament the floor in deciding whether to take part in hostilities against Syria. Voting on these issues is not mandatory. The decision of the participation or non-participation in hostilities is made by the Prime Minister of the country in accordance with the “royal prerogative”.