Memoirs of the former director of the FBI James Comey “Supreme loyalty”

UNITED STATES (OBSERVATORY) –┬áMemoirs of the former director of the FBI James Comey “Supreme loyalty: truth, lies and leadership”, which are dedicated to his interaction with the American leader Donald Trump, will arrive on the shelves of bookstores on Tuesday.

A few days before the publication, the book already topped the list of bestsellers on the delivery service for online orders Amazon along with another notorious work – “Fire and Fury: in the White House of Trump” journalist Michael Wolff.

Comey was appointed to the post of director of the FBI in 2013 on the proposal of President Barack Obama.

In 2016, during the election campaign in the US, Comey was in the middle of a scandal when he investigated the activities of ex-Secretary of State and presidential candidate Hillary Clinton.

Initially, the FBI did not find any criminal intent that Clinton used a personal mail server for official correspondence.

However, shortly before the elections, the investigation again resumed for a short while on newly discovered circumstances.

Later Clinton said that including such actions of the FBI and Comey led to its defeat in the elections.

He did not arouse sympathy for Trump. When the 45th president took office, he decided to leave the FBI director in office, but in May 2017 he decided to dismiss him, calling it “ineffective leaders.” Opponents of the head of state attributed this to the investigation of the “interference of the Russian Federation” in the elections in the US and the “Russian” ties of Trump’s entourage, which led the FBI. Comey himself later said that Trump had asked him for devotion in the context of this investigation.

“Morally unsuitable”

Before the publication of the book, Comey had already given a series of interviews in which he revealed some of the details of its contents. He attacked the US president with criticism, saying that he was “morally unsuitable” in order to occupy this post. “I do not think he is medically unable to become president, I think that he is morally unsuitable for being president,” Comey said in an interview with ABC television.

Comey also described Trump as a “liar” who constantly ignores the facts and acts under the influence of his ego.

In addition, Trump built around himself a “cocoon of alternative reality, which he vigorously entangled” all employees of the cabinet, said the former head of the FBI. But on this the characteristics of Trump from the Comey did not end.

He compared the American leader to the Mafiosi, who demands promises to be faithful. According to ABC News, referring to the copy of the book, at a private dinner in the White House a week after the inauguration, Trump told the Comey: “I need loyalty, I’m waiting for devotion.” “The demand, as at the dedication ceremony at Sammy’s” Bull “(Gravano) from” Cosa Nostra, “the ex-director of the FBI said in a book.” Comey responded to this remark in silence, after which Trump at lunch once again reminded,

Apparently, Trump could not wait for Comey’s devotion and decided to fire him.

The world in which Clinton wins

Comey stated that he would send a letter to Congress about an additional investigation into Hillary Clinton in 2016, regardless of expectations of the victory of one or a candidate in the election of the US president.

“Yes, I lived in a world where everyone expected Clinton’s victory. I do not remember what thoughts I had then in my head, but the fear that her legitimacy as president will be questioned probably played a role,” said ex- head of the FBI in an interview with ABC.

At the same time on clarifying question he stated that even if he knew that Trump would win, he would send this letter anyway. According to him, “the FBI must remain independent of politics.”

Riddle for Comey

But Trump’s attitude to Russia and to President Vladimir Putin for the Comey has remained a mystery. Ex-director of the FBI did not understand why the US president refuses to criticize the Russian leader, even with personal communication.

“I do not know what’s behind this, it was a mystery to me even after President Trump became president.I found that he would not criticize him even in one-on-one conversations. I can understand that the president can accept geopolitical decision that “I should not criticize the leader of the host country publicly for some reason.” But I found that President Trump did not want to do it privately, and I do not know why,” Comey said.

He noted that he “never saw” that Trump could, in personal conversations, recognize “the enemy as an adversary.” “You might think that privately, in conversations with the FBI director whose job is to prevent Russian attacks, we can admit that our opponent is our opponent, but I have never seen it, I do not know the reasons,” he added.

Comey also did not rule out the possibility that Trump had compromising evidence from the Russian authorities. “It’s possible,” he said.

Russia has repeatedly denied the accusations of trying to influence the elections in the United States, and the Russian presidential press secretary Dmitry Peskov called them “absolutely unsubstantiated.”

“Liar, liar”

At the first appearance of excerpts from the memoirs of Comey, Trump used his favorite tool – Twitter. “James Comey is a recognized source of leaks and liars: almost everyone in Washington believed that he should be fired for his terrible work … He was draining classified information, for which he should be brought to court.” He lied to the congress on oath, ” Trump said.

The President also criticized the Comey for the work on Hillary Clinton’s case. “It was a great honor for me to fire James Comey,” Trump added.

According to the press secretary of the White House, Sarah Sanders, Trump does not worry at all because of the book “Supreme loyalty: truth, lies and leadership.”

In her opinion, “Americans see through the outright lies of a man who, by his own admission, is engaged in information leaks.”

“This is nothing but a poorly implemented PR campaign of the Comey Republic in attempts to restore its spoiled reputation,” she told reporters.