Merkel made a meeting with the leaders of France and Ukraine without Russia

GERMANY (OBSERVATORY) –┬áThe meeting of the leaders of the three countries – representatives of the “Normandy format” can take place in May in the German city of Aachen. On the possible negotiations between France, Germany and Ukraine without Russia said German Chancellor Angela Merkel.

“Ukrainian president will be in Aachen, may be held a short meeting, we talked about it with me and the president of France Emmanuel Macron, but it is certainly not” Norman format “because” Norman format “includes four people. The Russian president will not come to Aachen, ” Merkel quoted.

As reported, this statement was made Chancellor of Germany during her joint press conference with Poroshenko, held in Berlin.

As part of this press conference, Merkel said she believed the US evidence of the alleged use by the Syrian authorities of chemical weapons in the city of Dumaco was convincing .

Moscow and Damascus deny the fact of the hematoca, which, according to US reports, was allegedly committed on April 7. The Russian Defense Ministry believes that the dissemination of false information about the use of chemical weapons may be aimed at justifying military strikes from outside.