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Military facilities of the Syrian army attacked by rockets

SYRIA (OBSERVATORY) –┬áMilitary facilities of the Syrian army in the vicinity of the cities of Khama and Aleppo are attacked with missiles, a military source reported to the RIA.

According to him, the attack is committed “with the help of enemy missiles.”

Earlier, the source informed RIA Novosti that Syrian army weapons stores near Khama and Aleppo could be attacked by aviation. When an attack on the Syrian army’s weapons depot in the vicinity of Hama, a major fire broke out.

Armed conflict continues in Syria since March 2011. According to the UN, the number of victims of military operations in the country can range from 300 thousand to half a million people.

The settlement is discussed at the venues of Astana and Geneva, and the Congress of the Syrian National Dialogue, which took place on January 30 this year in Sochi, was the first since the beginning of the conflict to try to gather a wide range of participants on one negotiating platform.