Mirage 2000D fighter accidentally bombs a factory in France

FRANCE (OBSERVATORY) – A French Mirage 2000D fighter jet mistakenly dropped an exercise bomb on a factory near Montargis in the Loiret. Although empty of any explosive, the craft made some wounded, reports Sputnik.

The French company Faurecia, in the Loiret , was hit Wednesday by an ammunition fallen by accident from a Mirage 2000D fighter who had taken off from the air base 133 of Nancy-Ochey where it was also to land, announce the media.

The “about thirty centimeters” ammunition from a military bomb was inert, but the incident, which occurred during the maneuvers of a squadron, however, caused injuries and material damage in a factory located in Nogent-le-Vernisson, near Montargis.

The exercise bomb pierced the roof before falling into an assembly shop, among the employees. Two people were injured by the dummy bomb weighing 16 kilos (against 250 kg for a conventional ammunition). 150 employees of the company present in the workshop were evacuated.

The factory managers , who produce parts for car seats, called police, firefighters and deminers.
According to The Republic of the Center, the ammunition made a hole of about one square meter in the roof, without causing an explosion.

The Air Force apologized for the mistake made by its pilot who was to drop the craft on a training ground of Suippes near Reims (Marne), according to France Bleu.

The military section of the Paris prosecutor’s office carried out a judicial investigation and the Defense Accident Investigation Bureau (BEAD-air) also opened a technical investigation.