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More than 1,000 militants driven out of Eastern Kalamun in Damascus

SYRIA (OBSERVATORY) – More than 1.1 thousand militants and members of their families withdrew from the area of ​​reconciliation Eastern Kalamun in the Syrian province of Damascus for a day, said at a briefing the head of the Russian center for the reconciliation of warring parties in Syria, Yuri Yevtushenko.

“The center for reconciliation of the warring parties and units of the Russian military police, with the observance of the enhanced security measures, continues the second day the withdrawal of the militants of illegal armed formations and their families from the East Kalamun reconciliation area through the humanitarian corridor with the checkpoint near the settlement of Rugeiba. humanitarian corridor came out 1156 militants and members of their families,” he said.

“Of these, 1117 people on 35 buses were taken to the city of Afrin in the province of Aleppo, and 39 people to the refugee camp of Er-Rukaban in the area of ​​El Tanf,” the general said.

According to Yevtushenko, during the withdrawal, the militants handed over to the representatives of the center for reconciliation of the warring sides nine weapons, 8,500 ammunition, 212 hand grenades and one shahid belt.

The general said that since April 20, 2,85 thousand fighters and members of their families were withdrawn from Eastern Kalamun. The priority activities of the Russian reconciliation center are to create conditions for improving the humanitarian situation, providing medical assistance to the needy and meeting the immediate needs of the Syrians.

As Yevtushenko added, the reconciliation center rendered humanitarian assistance to civilians of the Akrab settlement of the province of Aleppo. People were given 445 food sets and fresh bread.

The total weight of the humanitarian cargo was 2.9 tons. Russian military doctors rendered medical assistance to 79 Syrians for 24 hours, including 20 children.

“Over the past day, 160 people returned to their homes in HOMS province, 519 people are in the province of Deir ez Zor (on the eastern bank of the Euphrates River), 312 people are sent to East Ghouta.” The Russian Center for reconciliation of warring parties controls the resettlement of refugees from the decontamination zone “Tell-Rifat” in the settlement of Membidzh of the province of Aleppo During the past 24 hours, 204 persons with personal property were transported to this city,” the general added.