More than 40 people were missing because of a fire in São Paulo

UNITED STATES (OBSERVATORY) – At least 44 people are missing after the fire and collapse of a high-rise building in the Brazilian city of São Paulo, the city fire service said on Wednesday.

“The fire service continues to search, (work – ed.) 78 firefighters (involved – ed) 31 car 44. (Person – ed.) are gone,” said in a statement.

Currently, the local authorities have not reported the cause of the fire.

The incident occurred on the night of Tuesday. In the building where the police headquarters used to be, and before the incident there were 146 poor or homeless families, there was a fire, then an hour and a half later it collapsed . Many residents of the building were able to evacuate the firemen, but one person died during the evacuation.

São Paulo, the financial capital of Brazil, is also considered one of the most densely populated cities in Latin America. Many high-rise buildings, which are not used by the authorities at the moment, are occupied by low-income citizens, they break tents in them and refuse to leave them.