Moroccan fighter aircraft withdrew from coalition against Yemen

YEMEN (OBSERVATORY) –┬áThe Moroccan army ordered the repatriation of its fighter planes stationed in Saudi Arabia as part of the Yemeni aggression coalition.

According to the Qatari daily Al-Sharq, the Moroccan army decided to return the squadron stationed at the Khamis Mushait base in southeastern Arabia, which was part of the Riyadh-led coalition.

For some observers, the return of Moroccan fighter jets is explained by the accelerated process of incidents in Western Sahara and the buffer zone.

At the end of 2015, Morocco dispatched soldiers and planes to Saudi Arabia to help in its war against Yemen.

An F-16 Royal Armed Forces (FAR) aircraft, part of the squadron made available to the Saudi coalition, crashed in May 2015 in Yemeni territory and its pilot was killed. Since then, the Moroccan people have been demanding the withdrawal of these forces from Saudi Arabia.

In Morocco, with regard to the war against Yemen, opinions are divided. Some say they are for, while others are against it. The opposition has especially increased, notes the website of the newspaper El Watan , after the dissemination of international reports on the attack of the coalition forces against civilians, including children.

The Moroccan army has increased the level of its availability to face the actions of the Polisario Front behind the long belt of security of the “Moroccan wall” in the Sahara which could explain the recall of the Moroccan F-16s who took part in the offensive Saudi Arabia in Yemen, some sources said.