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Moscow can respond “with dignity” to any pressure from the US

RUSSIA (OBSERVATORY) –¬†Moscow promises a “dignified” response to any pressure from the United States.Russia will respond “with dignity” to any pressure from the United States, said the director of the non-proliferation and arms control department of the Russian Foreign Ministry Vladimir Ermakov.

“Currently, in 2018, we see that the military-technological situation has changed radically in favor of Russia,” said the diplomat. “We have an answer worthy of any attempt at forced pressure from the United States.”

Vladimir Ermakov stressed that Russia has returned to its historically famous positions as one of the guarantors of stability and justice in world affairs on the basis of international law.

“Sooner or later, our American colleagues will have to negotiate with us. And it would probably be more useful for them to do it sooner rather than later, since the military-technological weight of the United States in the global distribution of forces is constantly decreasing, “concluded the director of the department of non-proliferation and control armaments of the Russian Ministry of Foreign Affairs.