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Moshe Yaalon accuses Moscow of supporting “pro-Iranian axis” in the region

UNITED STATES (OBSERVATORY) –¬†Moshe Yaalon, former Israeli Minister of Military Affairs, criticizes Russia for its support of the “Shia axis”, a term he used to refer to the government of Syrian President Bashar al-Assad, Iran and Lebanese Hezbollah.

In an interview with Sputnik, Moshe Yaalon said that Israel was aware that there was no direct link between Russia and Hezbollah, but criticized Moscow’s behavior by claiming that the Lebanese movement was often equipped Russian weapons and military equipment delivered to Syria. He claimed that in 2006, during the Israeli military aggression against Lebanon, Hezbollah used Russian Kornet anti-tank missiles against the Israeli Merkavas. “For us, this is a negative effect of Moscow’s involvement in Syrian affairs,” said the former Israeli minister.

Moshe Yaalon said the Russian presence in the Middle East had positive effects for Israel, adding: “We know that we do not always agree with the Russians and that there are differences of opinion between the two countries. two parts. But we are neither enemies nor adversaries of each other, because we do not intervene mutually in the affairs of the other party to defend our own interests.”

He added that whenever the situation had become more complicated at the regional level, Israel had always asked Moscow for help and support.

Moshe Yaalon said the Israeli government also consulted Moscow about Iran’s military presence in Syria, and suggested that Russian President Vladimir Putin could play, he said, a “constructive” role to prevent the development of Iran’s activities in areas where such presence would endanger the existence of Israel.