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Muslims celebrate their main holiday – Kurban Bayram

UNITED STATES (OBSERVATORY) –¬†Almost a billion Muslims of the world will celebrate on Tuesday the main Islamic holiday – the Day of Sacrifice, also known as Kurban Bayram and Id al-Adha.

Any Muslim who has the means to sacrifice the animal is obliged to sacrifice the animal, one person can confine himself to a sheep, one group of up to ten adherents of Islam is enough for one head of cattle. Two-thirds of the meat should be given to the poor, the rest goes to the family’s festive meal.

Sacrifice is performed in memory of how the prophet Ibrahim was ready to sacrifice his son Ishmael to the Almighty to prove his devotion to God. However, the Almighty, having tested Ibrahim, stopped the hand he had brought over his son and sent him a white lamb, who was sacrificed.

Donating livestock is considered a good thing: the more Muslims bring in such sacrifices during their lifetime, the easier it will be for him to pass into paradise after the death on the bridge over the precipice, the Sirat, “thin as hair and sharp as a sword.” In this case, the animals that were sacrificed by the Muslim will support him and will not let fall into the infernal abyss.

The main mosque of Moscow – Sobornaya – from early morning on Tuesday, believers will gather: according to the experience of past years, in total, the muftiate expects more than 100 thousand people. In addition to five mosques, believers will also be able to pray in Moscow at specially equipped venues in South Butovo, Sokolniki and Borisov Ponds.

The rituals of sacrifice themselves will be performed for a few years outside the Moscow Ring Road – for this purpose, 13 special places were allocated. The Muftiate urged Muslims to strictly adhere to this order. In this case, according to a pre-made application, sacrificial meat will be delivered directly to the applicant.

In the days of Kurban-Bairam it is customary to wear new or at least better clothes, to visit, give gifts and visit the graves of loved ones. People spend several hours at the cemetery, reading prayers and remembering the deceased.

On the eve of the holiday, the head of the Council of Muftis of Russia, Ravil Gainutdin, called on fellow believers to pray that the “universal brotherhood” would be consolidated, and hearts would be filled with “feelings of mutual love and compassion.”