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Myanmar army chief calls on soldiers to abide by law after massacre against Rohingya

MYANMAR (OBSERVATORY) –¬†Yangon, Myanmar’s army chief, told soldiers they had to abide by the law, citing the imprisonment of seven soldiers linked to a massacre of Rohingya Muslims that was the subject of a Reuters investigation.

According to a translation posted on his Facebook page on Thursday, the army commander said during a speech at a military college in the north of the country that soldiers “must abide by military laws, military conduct, laws and international conventions.”

“No one is above the law and no action will be taken against anyone who violates the law,” he added in his first direct comment on the mass murder. The problems in the Koran that religion … was resolved in line with the Geneva Convention and take legal action against military officers and other ranks who violated the law.”

This month, a seven-year prison sentence was handed down to seven soldiers for each of their hard labor for involvement in a massacre in which 10 Muslim Rohingyas were killed in the village of En Din in northwest Rakhine state in September.

Reuters, Wa Lun, 23, and Kyaw Sui, 28, were working on an investigation into the massacre, but the authorities arrested them in December and are still in detention for violating the secret information law.

Authorities told Reuters in February the army had launched a separate internal investigation into the mass murder and that the investigation was unrelated to the arrest of Reuters journalists, who were accused of possessing secret government papers unrelated to the incident.