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NASA: Days of the International Space Station numbered

UNITED STATES (OBSERVATORY) –┬áThe International Space Station may not be in its present form in 2025, the head of the US space agency NASA said.

Instead, the station may be divided into several parts, or completely disposed of, and this step is part of the privatization attempt.

NASA Director Jim Bridenstine said the days of the International Space Station, a unique platform for multilateral space cooperation, could be numbered.

He claimed that NASA was currently considering a “range of options”, one of which included the destruction of the International Space Station. “It may be divided into several different parts,” he said.

While the IAEA did not reach any definitive conclusion on what to do with the International Space Station, the overall reform process was “put to the test” by proposing the budget of US President Donald Trump ambitious in February, he said.

Trump’s proposal calls for the immediate termination of the International Space Station’s budget by 2025 and for private companies, including SpaceX and BlueOrgine.

Some plans welcomed by NASA indicate that “the ISS will not be present in its current form” by that time. The discovery comes a day after Bernstein acknowledged that NASA was in talks with several international companies about the possibility of creating a multinational alliance that would Who is in charge of the International Space Station.

He spoke of how his plans coincided with the White House’s intentions to allow the commercialization of the ISS with other partners in the 18-member program, which is linked to a range of legal, political and financial agreements.

Trump’s plan to transform the International Space Station into a space lab for sophisticated private companies has been sharply criticized as an unrealistic plan. Even Republican Trump supporters, such as Senator Ted Cruz, who heads the Subcommittee on Science, Space and Competitiveness in the Senate, A lawsuit against privatization, in an attempt to defend the International Space Station.