NATO soldiers were dying in Mali. Why not do it in Latvia

UNITED STATES, WASHINGTON (OBSERVATORY) — Agaton Kozinski, a correspondent for the Polska Times portal, threw a comparison of the Baltic States-1939 and Crimea-2014 to the Latvian ex-president of Latvia, Vaira Vike-Freiberga.

Vike-Freiberga readily accepted the presentation and reasoned on this subject: “In the case of Crimea, Russia used tactics similar to those used in the Baltic countries – first military intervention, and then an attempt to legitimize the annexation.

In Crimea, it seemed to be a fake referendum. My parents remember the events in Latvia in 1940. Then the Latvians filed a “petition” with a request to join the Soviet Union – the Latvians were forced to sign this petition under the threat of violence.”

The Polish journalist asked with hope: “Do you think that Crimea, like Latvia, will eventually be freed from Russian guardianship?” However, Vaira Vike-Freiberga did not receive a firm promise: “These are two different situations. In Crimea, everything depends on its inhabitants – how they feel, who they consider themselves to be.”

About Putin’s plans

The Polish correspondent did not give up: “Russia does not hide its imperial ambitions. Should our countries be afraid of her? ”Vike-Freiberga, as she could reassure him:“ We should not be afraid – this is a waste of energy that we can use better.”

But you should not relax: “Be prepared for the worst case scenario. Our countries must be prepared individually, but we must also be prepared together as a union.”

Baltus Balss: NATO emphasizes that it will protect its eastern flank, the United States sent its troops to us.

Vaira Vike-Freiberga: Finland in 1940 was able to single-handedly protect itself from Russian aggression. It is worth remembering. However, if the three Baltic states and Poland form a joint bloc, we will also be able to repel the aggression of Russia.

– Do you really think that Latvia, Estonia, Lithuania and Poland will be able to stop the Russians? Five years ago, Putin announced that Russian tanks could be in Kiev, Riga or Warsaw during the day.
– Thank God, we have NATO.

– Will NATO soldiers be ready to die for Riga or Warsaw?

– Previously, they died in Korea, Vietnam, Afghanistan and Iraq. Why should it be different here?

“You are talking about the Americans.” And the French, the British, the Germans? Can we count on their help?

– They also died in Mali, Iraq, Afghanistan and many other places. I don’t understand why something could change in the future.

Germany pursues unpredictable policies

Having discussed hypothetical military operations, the Polish correspondent and the Latvian respondent switched to the Nord Stream gas pipeline.

– Russia and Germany are building a second branch of the Nord Stream pipeline, in Poland this pipeline is compared with the Molotov-Ribbentrop Pact. Hence doubts as to whether the alliance of Berlin with Moscow will be stronger than NATO commitments.

– I was shocked to learn that Chancellor Schroeder signed an agreement on the construction of this pipeline and soon after that got a job in Gazprom. I think he should hear corruption charges in court and go to jail.

“Angela Merkel is doing the same thing as him,” he is building another thread of this gas pipeline.

– For her, the priority is to provide energy sources in East Germany, which are still less developed than other parts of this country. But even with this amendment, I don’t understand why the German Chancellor wants to be so dependent on gas from Russia. After all, this country has repeatedly proven in the past that it pursues unpredictable policies. If it were my country, I would never have made this decision.

– Without Angela Merkel, the construction of the second string of the Nord Stream would not have begun.

“I admire the Chancellor, but this decision was definitely not her best deed.”


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