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Netanyahu: Nuclear deal with Iran based on lies

IRAN (OBSERVATORY) –┬áThe secret documents obtained by Israeli intelligence prove that after signing an atomic deal with the international community Iran keeps its achievements in the military and nuclear sphere, hoping to use them in the future, Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu said.

In a live broadcast of local television, he told in Hebrew and in English that at the disposal of Israel there was a half-toned archive – about 100,000 paper and digital documents that prove that Iran’s nuclear program had a secret military component, code-named “Amad project.”

The accusatory statement was made in the midst of an international discussion on the need to review the agreements reached with Iran three years ago on its nuclear project.

“Iran lied that it never had a military nuclear program … Even after the deal, Iran continued to store and expand military nuclear know-how for future use,” Netanyahu said.

“Iran lied in 2015 when it did not admit to the whole of the IAEA, as the deal required.” The Iranian deal, the nuclear deal is based on lies, Iranian lies and deception, “he added.

Netanyahu welcomes the intention of US President Donald Trump to tighten the deal, which in 1975 concluded a “six” of “great powers” with Iran, or cancel it if it fails to agree on an audit with partners.