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Netanyahu to Putin: We will not allow Iran to be stationed in Syria

ISRAEL (OBSERVATORY) –┬áRussian President Vladimir Putin and Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu discussed by telephone the situation in Syria, also discussed the circumstances of the Israeli strike on Altifor airport.

The Kremlin said Putin assured Netanyahu of the importance of preserving Syria’s sovereignty and called on the Israeli side to avoid destabilizing actions.

Israeli media sources quoted the Kremlin as saying that the conversation between the two sides was an Israeli initiative.

The Russian Foreign Ministry has summoned Israel’s ambassador to Moscow, Gary Koren, to the Foreign Office to discuss the latest situation in both Syria and Gaza, after the Israeli strike Baltfor.

Netanyahu said he had made it clear to Putin that Israel would not allow Iran to be militarily stationed in Syria, at a time when Israel has declared its readiness for any scenario in Syria, noting that “Iran is a dangerous enemy and should not be underestimated.”

In a speech on Holocaust Remembrance Day evening, Netanyahu addressed a letter to the Iranian leadership saying, “Do not test Israel’s determination.” To the Iranian people, Netanyahu sent another message, in which he told them that “Israel is not an enemy, but your enemy is the regime that oppresses you and when it disappears from the world, our people will return to live together with cooperation.”

On Wednesday, Israel held high-level security consultations amid fears that Syria or Iran might target it if the United States strikes Syrian government forces in response to an alleged poison gas attack.