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Netanyahu: We have 5,000 documents proving that Iran will continue its nuclear program

ISRAEL (OBSERVATORY) –┬áThe Israeli Prime Minister held a press conference in which he said that Israel had received much information about Iran’s nuclear program proving that Tehran continues its nuclear program.

Netanyahu stressed that Israel has 5,000 documents proving that Tehran continues its nuclear program, pointing out that Iran has transferred nuclear work to a secret location.

This is the most prominent statements made by the Israeli Prime Minister:

The United States and other countries briefed us on Iran’s clandestine nuclear program

Iran seeks a nuclear bomb five times larger than a Hiroshima bomb

Iran has moved its secret archive to a place south of Tehran in 2017

Iran continues to conduct missile and nuclear tests

Iran seeks to establish new scientific companies and centers within its nuclear program

Iran lied to the international community about halting its nuclear program

Iran continues to build Ferdaw center to develop its clandestine nuclear program

It is clear that the signing of the nuclear agreement with Iran was a failure

The nuclear deal with Iran is based on Iranian lies

Iran is lying to the international community on stopping its nuclear program

There are signs that Tehran continues to produce nuclear warheads