New causes of cancer appearing

UNITED STATES (OBSERVATORY NEWS) — The DNA of cancer cells analyzed under the microscope has enabled an international team of scientists to discover new mechanisms of formation of malignant tumors, which cause different types of cancer, in their quest for effective techniques of early intervention, informs Science Alert.

An international team of scientists studied the DNA of cancer cells to determine the causes of malignant tumors. Experts have revealed new genetic mechanisms and mutations that contribute to the development of the disease, reports Science Alert.

Geneticists have sequenced the genome of 38 types of cancer in 2,800 patients. It turned out that the disease could be caused by thousands of different combinations of genetic mutations, 80% of which are age-related. As for the others, they are linked to factors such as heredity and lifestyle. Some cancers begin to develop decades before being diagnosed.

In 5% of cases, scientists did not detect any known mutations that contributed to the cancer. This indicates that there are still unidentified genetic causes of tumor formation.

At the same time, different cancers, such as breast and prostate cancer, can have similar developmental mechanisms, which means that they could be treated in the same way.

According to the results, genetic analysis helps identify up to 5% of cancers that cannot be detected by regular diagnosis. It also helps identify a false diagnosis, the newspaper said.

According to the researchers, if we can understand the forces that act in healthy organs as we age, as well as the causes of the accumulation of mutations and the role of lifestyles in these processes, we could develop early intervention techniques that would prevent or slow the onset of incurable cancers


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