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New generation of nuclear weapon ‘soon in China’

UNITED STATES (OBSERVATORY) – A US newspaper says China conducts nuclear tests five times more than the United States, which would increase the risk of open conflict.

China is starting to develop next-generation nuclear weapons and is experimenting much more often than the United States, reports the American newspaper The Hill.

According to this publication, China conducts monthly up to five trials, while the United States holds only one. In a new report from the Chinese Academy of Engineering Physics, scientists revealed that Chinese researchers had conducted 200 laboratory experiments between September 2014 and December 2018. Against nearly 50 in the United States over the same period, says The Hill.

Given that China, just like Russia or the United States, is seeking to develop high-precision nuclear weapons, the risk of open conflict is increasing dramatically, experts warn.

The United States is planning to invest $ 1.2 trillion in modernizing its nuclear arsenal, and last January the Pentagon published a review of US nuclear policy, calling for the development of weapons for the United States. a higher precision in order to contain China and Russia.

Last week, the US Senate approved the budget for the development of a new nuclear warhead . The anticipated funding would be $ 65 million, according to The Hill.

In response, China has threatened to publish its nuclear program, according to the Chinese newspaper Global Times.