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New iOS for iPhone can lead to problems with the repaired screens

UNITED STATES (OBSERVATORY) –¬†Apple iPhone gadget owners who have recently replaced displays in unauthorized centers may encounter problems updating the OS to version 11.3. This is the website of the Motherboard.

In the new firmware there is a feature that allows you to lock the iPhone screen after repair in an unofficial service center. Thus, many of the touch screens of the iPhone 8 stopped working and went into a dark mode, not responding to touch, the “360” TV channel reported .

IPhone owners also report that after replacing the display in unofficial services, there are problems in working with the Touch ID and Face ID, writes the Federal News Agency .

According to the general director of Injured Gadgets workshop Akshay Kripalani, Apple imposed such a restriction intentionally. Before the new firmware gadgets worked properly, and now the American company decided to fight with underground workshops. Together with the screen, official dealers change the special chip responsible for the screen, while third-party workshops can not do this.

In the new update, Apple also allowed iPhone users to disable the slowdown of the smartphone .