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New signs of a global catastrophe discovered

UNITED STATES (OBSERVATORY) –┬áThe melting of ice in the Arctic, closely observed by climatologists, represents among other things a real danger for the survival of polar bears and seals.

Climatologists have for the first time recorded the disappearance of centuries-old ice in northern Greenland , threatening the survival of Arctic seals and polar bears, the Sciencealert portal says.

The satellite data show that the ice that once covered part of the Arctic has become more fragile and mobile. At the beginning of August, carried away by the wind, it left the north coast of Greenland, making appear now the surface of the sea in the places which it covered previously.

This mobility is explained by the decrease in the thickness of the Arctic ice, which is currently only one year old and is therefore thinner.

Previously, researchers estimated that the Arctic ice must remain intact for several years to come, their thickness ranging from 4 to 20 meters. But however, the start of the summer and the extremely hot August contributed to a massive melting of the ice.

These changes jeopardize the existence of polar bears that use ice to hunt seals.