Nikola Motor accused Tesla of infringing patents, filed a lawsuit for $ 2 billion

UNITED STATES (OBSERVATORY) –┬áNikola Motor Co. Arizona sued for more than $ 2 billion, accusing Tesla Inc. in violation of her patents when creating an electric semi.

The startup Nikola Motor, created in 2014, introduced its truck on hydrogen fuel cells in May 2016, according to MarketWatch. In a lawsuit against Tesla, the company notes a number of similarities between a truck of its own design and Semi, which indicate a patent infringement.

According to Nikola Motor, breaking Tesla’s patents will damage the company’s ability to attract investors, so it wants to recover damages in excess of $ 2 billion.

Tesla introduced a Semi-powered truck in November 2017. A car with a futuristic design will be able to transport loads weighing up to 36 tons (the maximum permissible weight for US roads) and go without recharging 500 miles (just over 800 km). Such a power reserve is quite sufficient – according to the founder and CEO of Tesla Ilona Mask, 80% of trucks in the US deliver goods at a distance of less than 250 miles.

The truck can accelerate from 0 to 100 km / h in 5 seconds, and with a maximum load – for 20 seconds, that is three times faster than conventional models.

The first deliveries of Semi to buyers were in March this year, but the launch of mass production is not expected before the beginning of 2019.