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North Korea refuses nuclear tests

NORTH KOREA (OBSERVATORY) – North Korea will immediately cease nuclear and missile tests, as well as close its test site to focus on economic growth and peace, state DPRK state media said on the eve of the planned summit meetings with South Korea and the United States.

North Korean leader Kim Jong-un said that his country no longer needs to conduct nuclear tests or tests of intercontinental ballistic missiles, since it has fulfilled its task of developing nuclear weapons, according to the Central Korean News Agency (KCNA).

North Korea stated that in order to create a “favorable international environment” for its economy, it will “maintain close contact and an active dialogue” with neighboring countries and the international community.

Kim first talked about his position on North Korea’s nuclear program ahead of the planned summit meetings with South Korean President Mun Zhe In the following week and US President Donald Trump in late May or early June.

The leader of North Korea noted that Pyongyang will not transfer nuclear weapons and technology to other countries.

“We will never use nuclear weapons unless threats or provocations come to our address, in any case we will not transfer nuclear weapons and technology,” Kim Jong-un emphasized.

He noted that the country will “create a strong socialist economy,” as well as “mobilize the country’s human and material resources to dramatically improve their standard of living.”

US President Donald Trump commented on Kim Jong-un’s decision, calling it “great progress”.

“North Korea has agreed to suspend all nuclear tests and close a large test site, which is very good news for the DPRK and the whole world – great progress! We are waiting for our summit,” Trump wrote in Twitter.