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Once China enters a state of combat readiness, what should ordinary people do?

US, WASHINGTON (NEWS OBSERVATORY) — In the most recent special period, I feel that the most popular and safest sentence should be “I am Chinese”. Both foreign and international students are rushing to China, because in the current epidemic environment, China is undoubtedly the best and safest. In addition, under perfect public safety management measures, China is already the safest country with the lowest crime rate in the world. Many foreigners are very envious and hope to live in our country. However, China’s immigration control is very strict, and obtaining a “green card” from China is more difficult. Therefore, the “Chinese Dream” is increasingly recognized by the world.

China China

First of all, all combat standby tasks should be closely connected, including the armed forces of the sea, land and air and the Rocket Forces on standby. Next, we must expand the military establishment as soon as possible. The combat readiness team and the reserve must be fully staffed. The veterans in recent years must also be ready at any time. Then, the soldiers of the whole army carry live ammunition and conduct regular patrols in individual theaters or cities. If necessary, all commercial activities should be stopped and roads blocked. Finally, private enterprise factories are prepared to produce military products. All production tasks are based on the needs of the People’s Army.

For ordinary people, what should be done when the country declares “first-level combat readiness”? In this regard, some military experts say: We do not need to panic at all, we only need to live and work in accordance with our routine, and not add chaos to the country. Because even in the time of war, all areas of the country are still functioning normally, and development in all aspects is still as usual, and absolutely cannot be stopped.

In fact, the military power of our country is still very strong at present, and no military group can burn the war to China. But some people have said that the US military has such strength, but in fact it is wrong to say so. When the US military is fighting outside, it mainly relies on its ten carrier fleets. However, in the face of such a powerful force in our country, if a conflict breaks out between the two countries, the risk of war will increase sharply. In order to prevent the US carrier fleet or station The Japanese, Korean, and American forces were attacked by the Chinese army in the offshore waters, and the Rocket Army fully attacked them. They would use more horsepower to escape from the Asia-Pacific and transfer to the periphery of the Chinese army to attack. The ship has no advantage at all.

Therefore, we are fortunate to be Chinese and survive on this safest land. Even if there is a large-scale war and the first-level readiness is announced, we need not panic. A strong people ’s army is enough to keep them out of the country and wipe out any enemies outside our country. Therefore, we are all proud of being Chinese!

Looking back at history, the Chinese people have put in a lot of effort and lost a lot. From backwardness and bullying, we have gradually reached the top of the world. It is enough to understand that our achievements today are hard-won. Therefore, as a Chinese, we should cherish the hard-won peace. Weak countries have no diplomacy, and they will be beaten if they fall behind! The development of our country in modern times is enough to prove this, and only by its own strength can the country be invincible forever.

However, behind the power of the motherland is the dedication of countless researchers. It is these people who use their own wisdom and blood to help the motherland realize the dream of being strong again. Let us pay tribute to these scientists. The reason why these Chinese science masters are able to achieve such amazing results in their respective fields is that they all have a relatively good mathematical foundation.

As we all know, mathematics is a subject that can be used everywhere in our daily life. From life to business on the roadside, to the development of sophisticated weapons, it is inseparable from mathematics. When it comes to Chinese education, there is one person who has to mention it. He is the famous mathematician Liu Xunyu during the Republic of China.

Liu Xunyu is a well-known mathematician and educator in China. He has taught at Jinan University, Tongji University, and Southwest United University. He has also been the editor-in-chief of People’s Education Press. Some of his works are often mentioned to this day, and many masters will never forget it.

Contemporary physicist Yang Zhenning said to the students at a symposium: “When I was young, I read a math book written by a man named Liu Xunyu. The book contains a very boring knowledge of mathematics. It was very interesting and vivid. After I read his works, I realized many important mathematical concepts. ”

Qi Minyou, a famous mathematician in China and former president of Wuhan University, once shared his learning experience with students; “When I was in high school, I was also not interested in mathematics. The test results were a mess, and I was often criticized by teachers. After reading Liu Xunyu ’s mathematics, I was attracted by many interesting stories. I found out that mathematics can still be learned in this way. After that, I became interested in mathematics and slowly fell in love with mathematics and embarked on the road of research. ”

Gu Chaohao, a well-known mathematician and former president of the University of Science and Technology of China, also mentioned Liu Xunyu ’s work: “The most influential thing for me during school was Liu Xunyu ’s mathematics book, which has a lot of mathematical knowledge that I have never seen before, and It ’s not that complicated. It ’s easy to understand at a glance. After reading many of his mathematical concepts, I have improved my understanding of mathematics to a higher level. ”

These masters have seen countless storms and waves in their lifetime, and when they have advanced these past events, they are also very old. However, they still have a fresh memory of Liu Xunyu’s work, which is unforgettable. In the final analysis, it is a core point mentioned in the speeches of the masters-fun.

Liu Xunyu, a mathematician, is different. He is good at combining some complicated mathematics and stories to make it interesting and make children interested in reading. Liu Xunyu believes that the most important thing in mathematics education is to allow students to learn willingly, not to deal with parents and teachers. After that, he created many interesting short stories, incorporating complex and boring mathematical knowledge into it, and changing It’s vivid and interesting. The efficiency and effectiveness of this teaching method can be seen from the memories of Master Yang Zhenning and others.

Nowadays, the essence of Liu Xunyu’s writings are summarized in “Three Books of Mathematics for Children”, this set of books is very suitable for elementary school students and junior high school students … If you are still troubled by children’s learning mathematics, click the small card below for details (war).


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